Helping friends

During my journey as a developer I watched my friends create code and projects. Some didn’t go anywhere, some were an achievement that the project was completed in itself. However, some landed a job and some even got successful. I kept trying to contribute, help out, or at least learn what they do. I never was really able to. After opening a project and failing to understand where to even start they stayed there, untouched by me. Perhaps this course will help me overcome that block. For now, I will list the projects I wanted to contribute in.

A discord game where people try to figure out who is who and win based on that knowledge. I made arts for this game characters. This game can be later ported on web, or… who knows, really. We even planned out extras. But development stopped and I know too little to finish it.

  • 7TV — Vue.js 

SevenTV is a chat extension for twitch. tv. It adds mostly extra emotes for chatters to use. You may notice I linked a web app that is in Angular. Firstly, the app itself (browser extension) it pretty much set. Their website, however, keeps on adding things. They also decided to ditch Angular and remake it in Vue. Which isn’t good news for me… I tried to contribute to the Angular one and got overwhelmed, now it’s in an unknown framework. There’s a lot to be done, but I can’t get to it. BTW, I did their logo

Chatterino is a desktop app that shows, again, twitch. tv’s chat. This specific version was made to include the 7TV extension into the app. I remember, when 7TV was just starting out, they tried to find someone who’d be able to add it to Chatterino. Nobody there knew C++. I thought — I learned it in college, I made some tough finals. I’ll try. Well, you know how it’s generally hard to figure out someone else’s project? In C++ it’s even worse. Files were all tangled up who knows in what order, I didn’t even know where I can put my new one. Eventually they found someone to do it… It just wasn’t me.

Things I found

This is an SQL database. Honestly, I didn’t understand other things in description. What makes it cool though is to see how a database is made. You know, a high level language must be written on a lower level language. And in this case the underlying language is Go – the one I’m interested in. I can’t even imagine how you’d make a database… Crazy huge ideas.

It was tough to find something in russian that wasn’t just a translation of a guide, QA on interviews or homework. However, I forgot the obvious. Do you know Telegram? Let me tell you a story…


There used to be this great website that every russian user knew — VK (vkontakte). It was basically a russian facebook, except… well… imagine if facebook was actually good. Yeah. It had all we ever wanted — music (free to upload, no censorship or ads), communities, blogs, games, porn… Until mail. ru attacked. You know how in kids shows there’s usually this evil corporation that just wants to rule the world and is generally bad? That’s that company. It exists. Mail ru buys out cool and good projects and puts in a shit ton of paid content, slowly turning the product into a skeleton. There’s a saying in russian — Mail. ru is like a hand of Midas, but a little different. Everything it touches turns into shit. So we had our great and free VK made by a pretty good programmer — Pavel Durov. And slowly mail. ru bought out enough shares to take over. Nobody knows how exactly that happened, but people say something about conflict… government… buddism??? In any case, VK became censored, many functions became paid, the app — open to the government. Pavel began his new project — Telegram.

So why is Telegram so cool? It’s encrypted, safe from governments, generally works AND it’s open source. It’s made by a cool dude who proved his skill in a major project before. It’s the main messaging app that is used in those russian speaking internets. The same internets I grew up in. It’s a child of my home — I can’t imagine what useful addition I can bring to this open source project. If there ever is an unreachable goal — that’s one of those.

Oh look – an Assembly project I actually understand! A POKEMON game! Let’s gooooo! Fucking cool. Idk what else is there to say. That’s enough to me.

Ok, we went to games… Time for Elite. This is a helper that shows you cool information while you’re in game. The game’s Elite Dangerous if you were confused. I just wanna do something with Elite ok?

Done… for now

It’s 05:02 right now and I was searching for cool repos instead of working on my 0.1 release. Oof. I’m sure this will happen again. At the very least, I might find these useful later on! Maybe you will too.